Design, implementation and support

Zeppelin helps you plan your token mechanics, develop custom smart contracts, and related wallet and server software.

The emergence of blockchain technology created new opportunities for organizations and entrepreneurs to build businesses by issuing their own cryptographic token. These tokens are a new class of asset that can be created, distributed and governed using software.

Whether you are doing a token sale, developing smart contract systems or building Dapps, at Zeppelin we help you navigate the process in a secure and timely fashion.

Some organizations need to design their token mechanics and draft their whitepaper. Others need help building prototype or production ready Dapps, and developing their token sale smart contracts. Our world-class team with expertise in blockchain technology, security and business development will provide you with the right strategic advice and technology stack for success.

Supported technologies we work with include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, RSK and DFINITY.



Design and implementation of a cryptocurrency wallet for a leading financial institution.


Smart contract design and development of a token-based media application on Ethereum.

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