Security audits

Protect your investors by making sure your code behaves as expected.

At Zeppelin, we believe security is the cornerstone of the blockchain economy. Whether you're running a token sale or building smart contract systems, you need to make sure your code works as intended.

At Zeppelin, we perform private and public code audits for organizations. We review your smart contracts and application code, and write an actionable report of every issue found. The report outlines potential problems in the code, additional recommendations to increase security, and general analysis of the contract dynamics reflecting state-of-the-art security patterns.

Report is sent privately so you can address the issues we found, and prepare a disclosure strategy. After this has been done, you can choose to publish the report on the OpenZeppelin blog.

We have expertise in auditing Solidity, EVM assembly, JavaScript, Python, and Bitcoin Scripting code.

$600+ million

raised by organizations with our audited smart contracts.


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