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Expansion Manager: China

Location: China / Hong Kong

Zeppelin builds the industry security standard for architecting and deploying smart contract systems in public blockchains. We build open source infrastructure and conduct in-depth system security audits to high-impact smart contract systems. Learn more about us!

As Zeppelin’s community grows, we want to increase our commitment in China with a local Expansion Manager. You’ll help us connect to the communities that love the decentralized web as much as we do.

You are a dynamic and encouraging individual with a passion to bring people together to develop decentralized technologies. You are energetic, organized and detail-oriented, with the ability to adapt to fast-paced environments. You’ll work remotely with our international team, with the direct support of our CEO.

What you'll do

  • Build content distribution, communication and community strategies for China together with our Marketing team and PR agencies.

  • Plan, coordinate and organize meetups, hackathons and other events in Asia.

  • Source, cover and evaluate sponsorships for events in Asia.

  • Foster a healthy local community in Telegram, Wechat and other channels by sourcing and supporting community managers.

  • Create new targeted content, translate the existing one to Chinese and other languages if necessary.

  • Build partnerships with relevant projects with a local presence.

Who you are

  • An excellent communicator, with proficient written and spoken communication skills in English and Mandarin.

  • An individual experienced in working remotely with international teams.

  • An active member or contributor to different local events, meetups and community channels.

  • A passionate relationship-builder with strong networking skills.

  • An organized, data-driven professional with a love for self time management.


  • Previous experience contributing or managing crypto or open source projects.

  • Technical understanding of blockchain technologies.

  • Lived in China for some time during the past 3 years.

  • Spent 2+ years living or studying in the US or other Western countries.

How to apply

Complete the following Application Form

If the Application Form is not working, send an email to with the phrase "Expansion Manager: China/Hong Kong" on the subject line.