Escrow & key management

Protect your funds and earn investor trust.

At Zeppelin Solutions, we believe security is the cornerstone of the blockchain economy. Whether you're running a token sale or holding tokens and cryptocurrencies, you need to make sure your funds are safe and available.

As your Escrow Partner, we will securely generate and store the keys to a multi-signature wallet for the incoming funds, and sign transactions when needed. Your keys are stored and recovered using a strict security policy that involves a combination of multi-factor authentication, private key segmentation and offline (air-gapped) storage with physical security.

We only store keys that are part of a multisig/multiple owner scheme. We will never have full or partial control of your funds. If or when one of our stored keys is needed, you can start a recovery process, and we’ll respond in less than 48 hours by signing a wallet-sweep transaction.

Supported platforms and key formats are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, RSK, and DFINITY.

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