Zeppelin Solutions

The new standard in blockchain security

Zeppelin Solutions helps you be secure at every stage of your token sale. Over $350 million raised with our audited smart contracts.

Audit your code

We review your smart contracts and application code using industry-standard security patterns and best practices.

Build your smart contracts

Make use of OpenZeppelin, the standard framework for secure smart contract development. Reduce the risk of vulnerabilties in your Dapp by using tested and community-reviewed code.

Design and build your token

We help you design your token mechanics and develop your smart contracts and Dapp in a secure and timely fashion.

Keep your funds safe

As your security partner, Zeppelin Solutions will design and implement a secure storage solution tailored just for your needs, keeping your assets safe.

A secure platform for token sales

With Coral, you can safely sell tokens to anyone in the world, without writing a single line of code.

$250+ million

raised by organizations with our audited smart contracts.

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